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When you find your spouse cheating on you

"What a person does not know can't hurt them". This is a famous proverb applicable till the truth is hidden; what happens when it is exposed?                                                                  People change for the same reason they get into a relationship. We get into relationships for selfish reasons, we stay in a relationship for selfish reasons and we get out of a relationship for selfish reasons. There is nothing wrong with that. But when it comes to cheating, people cheat because there is something missing. Probably there is something missing in the relationship, you or may be themselves; we donnot cheat in an exam when we know all the answers of the given questions. When cheated upon we know howmuch it hurts. We take it personally, we feel betrayed and hurt and then you get loads of apologies back. May be that person is really remorseful of his behaviour. But people donot leave a steady relationship for physical pleasure. They get it from outside and c

The power of Positive thinking

Thoughts, our greatest weapon There is something that we do throughout the day. At night in our sleep also we do it. There is not a single moment in our lives that we are not doing this, and that is "Thinking". Thoughts never stop. It comes in an incessant flow. At times when we are sad, depressed or worried about anything, the flow of our thoughts increase. Along this fact we should also understand that bad thoughts come in volumes and thick frequency. We overspend our minds when we are anxious. Our mind gets clouded with immense volumes of questions - what, when, how, where and so many others. When we are in a peaceful state of mind, the speed of our thoughts decrease. This means that with good quality, the number of thoughts come down. Thoughtlessness means death. In an awakened live state of mind we cannot subside thoughts from our mind. Through meditation however, we can minimize the frequency of thoughts but removing thoughts completely is impossible. Thinking is a very

Fear and Insecurities

Fears and insecurities People are going through their own fear and insecurities. These have become a very very predominant emotion today. Jealousy, especially in the corporate world because my happiness is weighed by my achievents. So, when I am not happy when someone else acheives a little more than me and then I will do all sorts of things so that they don't. Now, all this can create a lot of insecurity because of which people's behaviours start changing and when they change I get disturbed. I don't have to get disturbed, rather I will have to understand. If someone is jealous of me, how will they talk about me? Now if you swap your perspective with the other person, you will understand the reason of their jealousy on you. They are carrying a ' Sanskar' of insecurity. It could be through any reason. It could be right through their childhood; their other siblings were appreciated more than them and the child from a very young age is carrying this pain; ' people

7 tips for women in a unmanagable compromised relationship

In this post you will learn how to make a man worry about losing you. So if you are in a relationship and feeling taken for granted or unappreciated and you want to remind him of your value and importance in his life, then this is the post just for you. How to make a man worry about losing you? First, why is it important for a man to worry about losing you; well here is a huge statement which some of you might find controversial. If your man never experiences any feeling or worry about losing you, he will never fall deeply in love with you. Let me say it in a different way. If he never worries that you could leave him or that he could lose you, he will never value and appreciate and love the way that he should. So if you are feeling taken for granted or he is not really showing you the love and attention that he once did, here are the 7 tips that will make him worry about losing you and turn things around for your relationship: 1) Let go of your anger and stop talking about unappreciat

3 major mistakes women do in their lives

The three major mistakes women do in their lives 1) They donot ask for what they really want, instead, they accept what is available and ask for what they think they can get. When an women doesnot ask for what she wants or what she needs, and as a result she doesnot get it, she runs the risk of becoming bitter and resentful and once that happens she would invalidate and belittle her partner. It is difficult to live an unfulfilled life. It is hard to make do rather than enjoy what you desire. Women have a tedency to expect very little, so they get very little and that can lead to a permanent state of depression which they act out in very unloving ways not asking for what you want. 2) Mistake number two is a huge and unforgiving one which women don't even recognize. They gossip about their partner to other people. Whether good or bad gossip, talking about your partner to people outside of the relationship destroys the sacred energy within a relationship. It is perfectly ok to have th
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Some place for myself

Ever wondered how beautiful life would be if you always get to smile laugh enjoy delicious foods visit new exciting places around the globe and definitely not bother about money and other bindings. Often we don't even think what is the potentiality of our lives. We grant the fact that the pre designed prevailing for will persist in a monotone. We remain stuck and so very engrossed in our duties and responsibilities for others that in that process we eventually forget what we want from life. Time and tide waits for none and by the time it discerns upon us we have already lost our respective identities.  Friends, here is a platform where we will discuss about the suffocations people come across in their relationships as also the ways to overcome the challenges faced in the most prospective of ways.