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Today, the lady working at our home had a very upset mood. Her daughter has left her in-laws place to shift over to her home. Its difficult even in normal times for her to meet her ends and now there will be two more mouths to be fed. Not appearing to be a lady who breaks down so easily, but her expressions divulging a lot of what she is going through. The girl, on the other hand, subjected to tremendous mental as well as physical torture, is in no state of sticking to the alliance any more. Again, with her 8 year old baby she does not have any other shelter to take refuge in. Witnessing the situation from a very close range, I can relate to the vicious and catastrophically dilapidated condition of the stand of women in our society. Astonishing is the fact that even in this era when women are touching the moon, breaking the invisible boundaries shackling them from their progress and liberty, a section of this society is still trying to hammer them down to ashes. More astonishing is the

Few things which retards your brain slowly...

Brain is the most sensitive organ in our body. It directs the rest of the organs to function in a proper synchronized flow. On the flip side, bad habits practiced regularly, without your knowledge bring harm to your brain. If not checked on time, they can even result in fatal consequences by slowly but steadily damaging the brain cells. Three quarters of our brain is made up of water. Dehydration in our body means a shrinkage of our brain due to the lack of sufficient water. This often is a cause for frequent irritability, fatigue and anxiety in us. However, within 20 minutes of drinking water, our body manages to recoups and starts bridging the deficiencies. Studies have revealed that cold water is absorbed faster in our body. The food for brain is its constant engagement. To keep from a slow death of the brain cells, you can adopt the following habits:- Networking- Remaining socially active will stimulate your brain in staying alert and focused to the various dimensional topics raise

Health- Magical medicinal power of Ginger

Ginger is a popular spice with very powerful medicinal properties. It has a deep root in Indian ayurvedic treatments since the early ancient ages. In this post, we are going to unearth some amazing health benefits of ginger. Ginger keeps a direct check on our body's blood glucose level, which in turns modulates our weight loss or weight gain. It thus regulates the energy levels throughout the day. An increase in blood sugar levels can bring forth lethargic tendencies. Adding a little ginger in your diet will keep you energy and focus steady and balanced. Ginger soothes gas problems. Many of us suffer from digestive issues causing the formation of gas. While it brings embarrassment for some in public, gas results in head and stomach aches for others. A cup of ginger tea taken before bedtime at night will prove magical in the next morning.  Obesity has become a global concern nowadays. A proper weight management will eventually help you escape from a lot of health hazards like heart

Is it possible?

Our conscious mind is just the tip of an iceberg over a submerged subconsious vastness. It is a very powerful tool for a man to shape his own future irrespective of the peripheral constraints he comes across. Today I will relate two different stories where the power of human mind supersedes all turbulence or rough tides of life as easy as a cake walk and literally turns the impossible into possible. This is the story of Stephen, a man living in America. He was a college drop out and was aimless, unknown to what his real goals are in life. Stephen was a strayed traveler, directionless and destination-less. One day he bumped on a book called " think and grow rich". As he was progressing through its pages he got aware about the powers of our subconscious mind. Gradually when he was delving deeper into its studies, within few years he managed to establish his very own company worth crores. But this story does not end here. When Shephen became a successful businessman, he got a pi

That perfect woman walking right into your life.....

For men, women seem to be almost impossible to understand. The way their minds work is a mystery and with all the complex emotions that people can have, it is hard to even think of how a woman truly feels about you. Men and women fall in love differently and their way of expressing it also varies. But here are some subtle emotional traits which on identification in any women should be taken for her genuine interest on you. A woman, wanting to gather more on your life and trying to know every minutest of details, the ones negligible even to yourself, is genuinely interested in you. Beyond a point, it might get annoying to men raising suspicion in their minds. Men are not much eager to share information. But for a woman if she is keen on extracting the smallest details of your life, its only because she considers it to be a way of showing how much she actually cares for you. She wants to get a hang of your world so she can tailor herself to incorporate in it. When you love someone you va

Protect yourself from being savagely Overshadowed and doomed- Keep these people at bay

Human beings have distinct qualities, personalities and traits. No two individuals are the same but unfortunately there are some who can be categorized as toxic. Our interactions with such people directly imparts huge impact on our state of mind and happiness. So it is highly recommended to identify and avoid these kind of people as much as possible.  We all appreciate people who point out our faults towards guiding and rectifying our committed mistakes. Expressing concerns honestly and in a constructive way would always help us improve from our flaws, whereas someone in his/her deliberate and repeated attempts to always highlight and criticize your mistakes never to recognize your efforts and achievements will eventually wear you down. People who always have their eyes set on other's fruits of efforts are definitely to be kept far away. Coveted people exude a negative aura around them always trying to compare their own achievements and measuring success as an yardstick of someone

Some very interesting psychological facts

Human psychology is a very fascinating subject. Even though it is studied extensively, but for the most part, it still remains unexplored. The mysteries of a human mind are predominantly unplumbed, but vast studies have given us few insights on the same. In today's post we will explore some of them. Childhood practices remain deeply rooted to sustain even when we are grown up to an adult. For a child who is always nagging in order to get what he wishes for, is most likely to turn into a badger later in his life. Human beings prefer more choices to select things from. This is where I think the proverb " variety is the spice of life" finds validation. It also justifies us going to a departmental store to buy a specific brand, but instead eventually end up buying some other, when we find us opened up to a lot many choices. From the time of human evolution, we are hooked to the process of reading faces and their expressions picking up cues to understanding inner feelings. Now

Decode your dreams

Incoherent, grotesque, comprehensive or lucid, dreams have a direct bearing on, and relation with reality and our pragmatic world. Dreams are the processed form of our daily dose of joy, sorrow, excitement and everything we do or see around. What we dream and why, are quite mystifying subjects to deal with. Studies have revealed that people dream about six years during their lifetime on an average. Imagine, 6 years spent absorbed in wondrous, frightening, thrilling and sometimes completely incomprehensible sensations. If you could record all your dreams, you could certainly come across the most creative version of yourself. Today's post will give you some deep insights into dreams. You will discover a lot of information that will truly astonish you. Sleep gives both our mind and body relaxation. After all, the primary reason why we sleep is to recover from the day's anxieties and stress on the body, to repair muscle damage and to freshen up for the next day's work. Yet it i

Tornado of negativity, a torment to yourself

Have you ever felt emotionally strangulated and wet your pillows at night crying on to it, digging yourself further into a swamp of negativity? Being emotionally attached to people who could not value your sentiments for any probable reason is not your crime. Expecting love, care and pamper back from someone we consider special, is something that we all do, but matter of fact is that not everyone is as sensitive to handle the subtleties of a relationship. When your fidelity and virtue comes under an acid test, understand that its time to disengage from a person who can, in no way, come out of a tangled complex head (their hearts are more inactive as they are seldom put to use) Toxic people are often the driving force behind a conflict. They are often blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those who surround them; others seem to derive satisfaction from creating unnecessary chaos and pushing other people's buttons. The worst part is that you get impulsive in giv

Ways of earning your deserved respect

"Respect can not be demanded, it has to be earned". Rooted deeply within ourselves, the qualities if honed and nurtured in a practiced approach will upgrade our esteem higher than imagined. Self belief and introspection resultantly give shape to how others look upon us. Commitment should be a line of stone and you failing to honor it would always diminish your authenticity. A person not knowing how to respect his own words can hardly expect respect back from someone else. Value of time is the essence of how you come through your promises. Deviating from your accord will disparage your worth as a person. If for any reason you fail to honor your commitment, make sure you clarify the same on time. As has been already told, value of time plays a significant role in defining your responsibility taking capacity. Wasting someone else's time coming late for appointments, killing time on irrelevant topics in an important meeting are ill practices we all should try and avoid. Being