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Even a blood clot and a critical brain surgery could not dampen his spirit- Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan today is a prominent bollywood celebrity. But as he narrates his story capsuling his past life and struggles we mull over the intensity of his dedication and commitment towards his success. Subject to a speech disorder known as stammering, he was bullied and ragged at school by other children because he could not speak fluently. Being born and brought up in the film fraternity, he had an innate desire to become an actor, but his stuttering posed as an immense deterrent to it, challenging him at each step he advanced. So this was an enormous barrier that he needed to break. Each time he opened his mouth to speak, he would be made fun of as it sounded funny to the children. Soon disappointment dawned on him and the overpowering dread of speech possessed him to his core being. He recollects, " For oral tests at school, I used to bunk school, I used to fall sick, I used to break my hand, I used to get a sprain."  The problem was reaching at a phenomenal level and i

Age can not delimit your success graph.... inspired by Saroj Sidappa

Fate favors those who believe it is worth the effort they put for some goal in life. Any amount of obstacle will not mow down their spirit. Today I am penning down the story of a non famous achiever and her struggle with fate and how she finally digs fortune for herself. Saroj Sidappa worked as a cook in three houses as a domestic worker. She had this big task of meeting ends for her three children. But just in a spark of events, she overnight turned into her own boss owning and running her business in the food industry. Her twist of fate was such sudden that when  Ankit Vengulekar (who helped her establish the entire set up) proposed her for this business, they literally took to it in matters of no time at all. At the tender age of 10, Saroj Sidappa came over to Bangalore and started working as a domestic help in some house. She was given proper and thorough training by the cook of that house who in turn happened to belong to kolkata. Sidappa ventured into running a small snack stall

How he throttled his indignation....

Rowan Atkinson Born in a middle class family, Rowan Atkinson had to undergo a terrible suffering for his stuttering problem. This difficulty would often land him in troubled waters calling for harsh and bullying attitude from his friends and acquaintances. He was subject to constant teasing and mental harassment where his bullies thought that he looked like an alien. Most of the time isolated and pushed away from the groups in schools, he soon developed withdrawal symptoms and thus would shy away and take refuge in being a shelled in person. + He befriended "science" and dived into its enigmatic depths. His deep interest in the subject eventually got him admitted in Oxford University. Through his days in Oxford, he developed a strange love for acting, but his speaking disorders would deter him to perform with the usual flow it demanded. So he got his master's degree in Electrical engineering before appearing in any movie or TV show.  Deep inside him was a dream which want

Stephen Hawking- A big salute to the never dying soul....

- Stephen Hawkings Stephen Hawking belonged to a richly educated family. Where education in his family had supreme importance, Stephen had an inherent disliking for schools. He could not read properly till he was 8 years old and would most of the time be found engrossed in things happening around him. Despite his average performance in school, teachers knew there was a hidden genius lying underneath his being. He had fascinations in new inventions and in school he was nicknamed as "Einstein". At the age of 17 he got admitted in Oxford University for the pursuit of physics and chemistry. He found his first year incredibly boring and not worth putting any effort for. After his graduation from Oxford university, he enrolled in Cambridge to study Cosmology, but soon his body started showing up strange symptoms. He would trip and fall, became ungrainly and his speech started to slur. Initially he was not paying much attention, but soon his condition started worsening rapidly. In t

Sundar Pichai- CEO of Google and Alphabet; his journey from a shy middle class boy to a multi millionaire

The graph of success in one's life can suddenly take an upward and super fast momentum. Luck favors those who favor themselves. Retarded and down spirited people can not scale their journey to success.  Yes there will be insecurities paved in your way, there will be hardships which will be grotesque and difficult to face, there will be times when you are almost in the verge of giving up your battle with fate, but do not let it over power your intentions. The omnipotence of misfortune stem from our own weakness. Today I will be sharing the super inspirational story of a now multi millionaire. The esteemed personality, who with his dedication and sincerity has written his fate with diamonds. The CEO of Google and its sister concern Alphabet, Sundar Pichai is a person whose success story is actually incredible. His life had begun without many luxuries in a humble middle-class family. They resided in a two room house, shared with tenants and sleep on the living room floor. Where other

The story of a poor girl who grew up to be called "Shakira"

The story of the "Waka Waka" girl is quite motivational, inspiring and touchy. From poor, desolate and devastrated, she touched the heights of success thus becoming one of the inspiring and powerful celebrities. Born in Columbia, Shakira was the part of a big happy family. But since the time she attained 2 years of age, bad luck and agony started falling piece by piece thus overshadowing the happiness of the family. The family was devastrated when her half-brother met with a fatal motorcycle accident. Few years later, her father's trading on jewelleries went bankrupt and he lost everything. She was sent to her uncle's house in her growing years. Those days her parents were struggling hard to settle and resolve the critical issues thus faced. But when she returned back to her house, she lost the ground under her feet. In the attempt of meeting his father's debts, the family had lost everything. The house was stripped of its furniture and their car was also sold. Wh

4 A.M funda.... a treasure to success

What are you giving up by sleeping?  Tim Cook, Bob Chapek, Angela Cretu, Dwayne Douglas Johnson are all those famous and successful personalities, who have made sacrifices on their sleep to gain some extra hours towards self development and nurture. Just imagine how much 3 hours each day will make end of the month- its 30 multiplied by 3; that is 90 odd hours in a month and 1080 hours in the cycle of a complete year. This equivalent number of hours will be lost if we indulge in the luxury of a little comfort. Challenging yourself in life at each step is something which will end of the day leave the marks of your footprint to your goals. Success in life is not that hard to achieve if you have persistent dedication to it. Cultivating a new habit in oneself requires at least a period of 21 days. Challenge yourself to stick to something for these 3 weeks at a stretch. If you overcome this tough hurdle without breaking down in this frame, you are surely to adjust to the new horizon of a pra

Karmic Cues....

Karma is a Sanskrit word which hails its origin from India. Its denotation precipitates down to the effects of one's actions. That is to say, we get back exactly what we give away. Newton specified in his third law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Life is a blueprint of this law in practice. What goes around, comes around. This beseech the question as to what fetches positive "karma" in our lives.  1) We reap what we sow. Things which you give away will return back to you the same way you tray it to the world. If you want financial abundance, be generous in sharing your resources with those who are in need for the same without any expectation. If you want a honest relationship, you will have to be frank with your partner. If you look for respect, you will have to give respect first. If you seek happiness, spread your inner joy with others. 2) Everything which happens is the result of someone's true intent. So, surround yourself with the things which a

That bottle of Harpic.....

She was holding this bottle of ' Harpic' in her hands. A flood of memories swiped across her eyes. Big fat drops of tears rolled down her cheek. Where has she gone wrong? A job with a handsome package has never been of prime importance to her. Money, along with all the materialistic things it can buy never ever fell in her list of priority. For her, love, affection and family had always gained predominance. The depth of relationships can not be measured in literal terms. If genuine, it always comes involuntarily, not under any influence. Feelings are the purest of gems one can hold and treasure. We bask in the glory of a successful content relationship. We feel warm with the polite touch of love and care. Not that life is devoid of challenges and problems, but someone's humble consolations break even the humongous mountain of sorrows into rubble. In the years when Pallavi was pursuing her MBA in Kolkata, she got acquainted with Raj. What had started with a mere friendly all

She was just 16, when.....

Those days I had an inherent phobia of public speaking. And now, I was standing on the podium facing a crowd of extremely talented people in the middle of a business seminar. We had our power point file on Moumita ready to be projected on the wall. Nervousness engulfed me as I started my presentation. I had the responsibility to convince the audience to donate as much as they could. Her treatment would require a fortune and the aid should be coming in huge volume voluntarily and generously from all the pockets. I won't be able to say how convincing I had eventually sounded, but the amount raised at the end of the seminar was quite satisfactory.  Before leaving, I remember of thanking our sir, who had slipped in our 10 minutes slot amid  his classified business meet and seminar. No matter how hard we tried, the collective amount would remain a trivial one in the face of the hugeness of the treatment cost. The key to all our problems and concerns came in the form of Poonam, whose fat