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The REAL story of a TRUEsoldier- MAA TUJHE SALAAM (With voice narration)

My pride knows no limit and my fortune is unbound being someone who has had the privilege of getting the pious blessings of God himself through his child who has descended on Earth as a savior sucking all the "Vish" (poison) for himself and cleansing the sins of people with his own blood.
The Presiden's award, numerous prestigious titles to his names and even profound recognition have failed to sweep him off his strongly grounded self. Today I would like to milk this opportunity and honor to unfold a glimpse of a true soldier's spirit.

A happy jubilant night turned into a complete nightmare leaving a lasting catastrophic impact on the country. The jawaans (around 23 in all) were in their own euphoric comradeship, when the things beyond everyone's wildest figment of imagination rolled out. A heart wrenching blast and the next moment there were ripped off bodies of our soldiers lying all around.

All happening in a lightening fast speed, it took Mahadev to process things which just had happened. He lifted his hands to take a glance. Blood flooding out of them both like a rough stream. Ahead of him were two of his companions battling hard to survive as they were scrambling their tattered selves forward. His own dilapidated condition did not capitulate his fire to stand next to his critically injured brothers. Himself bleeding copiously from top to toe, Mahadev was determined to fight till his last breath. Gathering all his might he rendered his profusely bleeding hands to drag the two soldiers along. Now, his body was losing blood at an alarming rate.

He knew death was imminent and not that he was not afraid of it. But bartering his own life for his brothers was worst than death. He will sacrifice himself, put his own self ahead to guard their's. A dramatic battle of survival and self faith pulled him a distance of around 50 meters till finally he blacked out and his body gave up.

When he eventually gained conscience in the hospital, his discoveries shook him to the core. Nested in him were 64 splinters. He has survived with multiple fractures, an almost ground spinal chord and a dangling neck. 

Recovery would be time taking and will demand loads of patience from him. But instead a doomed and viciously savage spiral of depression, he embraced the new dawn of his life. He was happy to be alive. His toddler and a compassionate wife were eagerly awaiting for him to regain his senses back. 

Lying on his hospital bed, with his eyes closed and headphones tucked onto his ears, when his tearful well wishers entered the room, he gently opened his eyes and with a gentle smirk, saying "picture to avi baaki hai" (the movie just begun).... he winks and says again, "Jhumma Chumma de de" is in my playlist. I believe its because of the fact that the best never rest.


In my fond memories I still recollect my first encounter with Mahadev as also how he had pulled me off a trapped situation.

-Mimi Mukherjee

Narration of the post:-


  1. Replies
    1. I so dearly wish I could tell, but he is serving our country and disclosing his identity might risk his life.

  2. Salute to Brave heart and his valor����

    1. Big salute. Big acts but very low profile. He calls himself a joker.

  3. Grand salute to the real hero and his eternal love for motherland 🙏

    1. People's person. God's child he is . A true Angel for common people like us

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Replies
    1. Even though I could not decode what you intended to say by "ok", still thinking u for your response .

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