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Why are some people impudent, foul and rude?

Ever wondered why are some people so insolent? It is hurtful when someone behaves with you in an abusive manner or uses ill-suited languages for you. Some people think that all impertinence can be handled with a delicate soberness and rude behavior is aversive. There is a plethora of reasons panning across the plate for someone to pick and show tantrums, be disrespectful and inconsiderate. 1) Our conduct is a reflection of our mental state. Life can be full of exasperation like stress of work, emotional episodes, financial tensions, messy relations, compromises and failures. At heightened level of stress, it is easy to set on someone being curt and impertinent. Even kind and polite people put on an air of rudeness in trying and difficult moments. 2) Children pick up behavioral cues from their surroundings and adopt the same within themselves. A child who witnesses a soft and polite disposition and grows up in a peaceful home are more capable of handling and sorting out their proble

Rusted in depression attempted suicide- Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie was born on 4th June 1975 in Los Angeles of California. She was just a baby when her father Jon Voight had abandoned the family. Her parents were actors and after her father left, her mother had to give up on her acting career so she could focus on raising her children. In her high school days at Baverly Hills High School, she would often be bullied by the other children for her appearance. She would be made fun of for being extremely thin, wearing spectacles and braces. She began her punk faze as she took transfer to a different school.  Having been exposed to the harsh realities of life, she grew up to become a person lacking self confidence and her bare emotions got gradually worn out, and eventually tried to take refuge within a shell. At the age of 16, Angelina completed her graduation and started staying in a rented apartment. She had a very poor self esteem and constantly battled with depression, anxiety and emotional instability. She indulged herself in

The worst days of her life- Deepika Padukone

For various reasons people consider depression to be a mental illness and prefer not to talk about it. Deepika Padukone is one of those few celebrities who showed the courage to speak publicly about her battles with depression and anxiety. Countering the stigma attached with mental health issues, in 2015, Deepika founded The Live Love and Laugh foundation to spread awareness about the same. Depression does not discriminate and can victimize anyone in its clutches. Life suddenly loses all this color and vigor. Everything appears meaningless and people will keep sinking deeper into it till all their sagacity completely elopes.  She reckons how the sound of an alarm clock would disarray her exposing her to the frightening fact that she would have to wake up again to a new tumultuous day robust with activities and hustle bustle. She loathed facing people so they do not read her mind through her face. Even in a sea of distress she would have to keep displaying out her bright confid

Choice is yours....

Just as an architect builds up his project gradually in a steady and planned way, similarly the construction of our thought process and personality is a factor of our encounter with our outside world, as also the sacraments which have been inherited by us from our birth. A child's angry demeanour will either be looked upon as been cascaded to him since birth, or his adaptation of the same from his family. Now as this child reacts to every odd situation in a negative way, soon his reactions will tide over him becoming a part and parcel of his usual self nature or behaviour. The process of exercising one's own choice of behavior gradually gets transmuted into a self imposed web of practice, which we cannot tear and come out of as per our sweet will later on.  The journey of what we were to what we want to become is scaled through perseverance and consistent persistence.  Our expectations and hopes do not shape our future, rather the magnetic pull of aspirations and our craving

Rejected for his defect, emerged as a star

Born in Argentina Lionel Messi came from a poor family. His father was a worker in a steel factory and his mother was a part time domestic worker. But nevertheless, Lionel Messi grew up with extreme love, care and support. Very early in his life, Messi had developed a liking which eventually got converted into an innate passion for football. So, coached by his father himself, Lionel Messi  started playing for a local football club at the tender age of 5 and he joined Newell boys club when he was 8  years old. Messi was in extreme pain when his beloved grandmother, whom he was very closed to, passed away. He was so sad that he could not concentrate and play football for almost a week. His love and passion for the game was almost lost when his father intervened and with his constant support and motivation managed to somehow revive his interests back.  His resurrected dreams of becoming a footballer started to tear apart when he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. This meant

A rupee earned is worth much more than 5 rupees found-- Bill Gates of India (Azim Premji)

Informally known to be the tzar of Indian IT industry, the chairman of Wipro, Mr. Azim Premji is not only a business tycoon and an investor, but is also prodigiously recognized as a philanthropist across the globe. His net worth more than $17 billion, Premji acknowledges his mother's major influence on him to be a motivating factor in growing up his career. She was a medical doctor and at the age of 27, she founded the orthopedic hospital. Financing a hospital was capital intensive and was beyond the family's reach that time. So she had to take a hefty government loan, crowned it with enormous wealthy donations and eventually built a world class hospital. Her dedication and streamlined flow of thoughts in finally giving shape to her dreams was Premji's main motivation. Philanthropy gives him an extraordinary joy. He has successfully financed more than 120 NGOs and the experience had been very positive. He hopes to contribute in building an equitable and sustainable society.

Slept on the roads hungry and worn out- Shah Rukh Khan

The self made man A brilliant student and excellent in sports like Hockey and Football, when asked by his teacher in school, Shah Rukh khan had it slated well already. He wanted to be a Bollywood actor on which his classmates laughed and his teacher tried to convince him that it was an unrealistic hardly possible goal. As a scholar in his academics, his aim in life appeared ridiculous. But SRK had his visions and missions predefined and his targets set in life. So in the middle of his Master's degree, he left his studies towards the pursuit of his dream of becoming an actor. But things got defaced when his parents died and his sister sunk in deep depression. Khan took it on himself to support and take his sister's responsibility through increasing challenges in his life.  His tyranny aggravated when Khan came to Mumbai to build up his acting career. He was struggling with poverty and failures. He was even homeless. Extreme financial crunch and his inability to pay rent for the

Strong like "The Rock"- Dwayne Johnson had a tough time wrestling with his depression

Dealing with depression requires action, but executing actions when one is depressed is difficult. Most of the time the things seemingly enjoyable like hanging out with close buddies, exercising or listening to music, seems to be a mountainous job and almost impossible to put into action. So, in a way, the things which are most difficult to do are the ones which can help us through. Depression starts playing with your mind to the extent that it appears challenging in streaming a positive flow of maneuvered thoughts.  Over the years, Hollywood's tough guy Dwayne Johnson kept fighting tight fisted with Depression. Today the second largest earning actor in Hollywood, Dwayne sheds light on how as a teenager, he saw his parents struggling hardest to afford even the basics. They underwent an eviction from their apartment and their car was also ceased. At this time, Dwayne saw his mother breaking down fretting over where they were going to live and what will be happening to them next. The