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The man who could not open the 🔐...

This is the story of a man who could literally open up "any" lock under the sky. His amazing talent flew across to people in no time. The news spread like a wild fire in the jungle. Soon an event was organized to acid test his reflexive flares.  In this mass gathering jamboree, this man had to showcase his abilities by performing a strange task. It was agreed upon that he would be inserting himself into a casket which again would be submerged under the water of a big pool. An emergency hooter was provided to him in case he is panick stricken or wants to come out midway by accepting his defeat. With a glow of confidence and determination in mind he stepped inside the box. Paparazzi and people both were all ready with their respective cameras to capture this strange and historical event. The gates were closed behind him and the box in steady pace was drowned inside the water. The man calmly took out a string wire from his pocket and started working on the lock. Eac

Battle won with his wits...

Today we are going to discuss about few refections and revelations of the pivotal historical figure,  Acharya Chanakya; other names he is popularly known as are kautilya and Vishnugupt. He derived his name from his father "Chanak". Demigod of intellect, many dynasties have been established on the dexterous application of his quick wits. Acharya Chandragupt was also an esteemed professor in the famous  Nalanda University.  Those days Chanakya dreamt of undivided unpartitioned India. On the face of the warrior "Sikandar's" conquest for our golden country, Chanakya had to intervene as a  shield. To realize his vision, he kept visiting rulers from various parts of India. The king of the biggest kingdom "Magadh" under the "Nanda" dynasty was the king "Dhananand". One day Chanakya went about to pay a visit to him and shared his insights about the county's future. But Dhananand was a corrupt tyrant king who drove Chanakya away with s

No risk no gain...

Risk- the only wall standing tall between you and your dreams. Place your hand on your heart and swear if you have attained to all that you wanted in your life. Have all your wishes successfully taken shape? If yes, then I would recommend you never to take any risk in life. But if the answer is no, then you will have to take "risks". Even when it means failure, you will live with the satisfaction that you have atleast tried to turn the table in your favor. If you succeed the unexplored treasures will unveil revealing you to the reality of your aspired life and of who you really are. You will see the body of your dreams and your confidence will catapult to a new height.  The reason which refrains us back from taking risks in life is our punctuated insecurities and fear of losing. Our negative thoughts hinder us advancing our steps towards believing ourselves. Has anyone ever learnt cycling on his/her first attepmpt? Haven't we stumbled and fallen while learning to stand on

Will he keep you happy?

Love gives us a sense of security. Affection from the loved ones help to build our mental strength and neglect from them breaks us into pieces. It appears to be quite tricky to gauge if someone harbours genuine feelings for you. Nobody wants to be with someone who does not display much interest in reflection. Here is the list of things a man would do if he is genuinely in love with you. 1) Men often are thought to be less attentive in hearing things out patiently. Little things would slip off his mind due to his overlapping strings of parallel thoughts. But this will not be the same for men who are serious about their relationships. They would devour on every word spoken by their girls in order to know them better. 2) Men with sincere feelings for their love of life would give the utmost respect they deserve. They would lay their hearts out to validate the importance they preserve for you. They would never take your views, perspectives, choices and ideas for granted. Even at times when

I once washed dirty plates in the roadside eateries......

It is not easy to build an entire empire from ashes. Veeral Patel is a name whose story instantly sparks an inspiration especially  among people who live life with lost hope.  Being born in a small village and a poor family in Gujrat, Veeral had to grow up in extreme poverty. His father was a farmer, who, despite their hand to mouth existence, somehow kept funding for Veeral's education. But the financial condition of the family gradually started deteriorating thus making him discontinue his studies midway after class 10. Veeral was 16 years old when he decided to help his father by shouldering the expenses of the family. On expressing his desire to go to Mumbai and seek a work there, his father took a loan of Rs.100 from a local money lender and handed it over to him. His ticket cost him Rs.65 after which he was left with only Rs.35. On reaching Mumbai, he was awestruck by its vastness and diversity. Meticulously deciding not to spend his saved money, he searched for a roadside ea

Unbelievable yet true....

Born in a tiny village Akola,of Maharashtra, a small girl earning only 2 rupees a day, now turned into the owner of a 300crore company. All her present wealth did not come to her as a legacy to her she had to work hard to achieve it. From the deep hollows of the dark time when she tried to kill herself, till her present day, her life had been engraved with perennial struggles. Kalpana Saroj is a name many people are not aware of. Her life began with child marriage at the tender age of 12, and rolled through extreme domestic violence. She would be beaten up as penalty for the minutest mistakes she committed. Being subject to tremendous inhuman physical and mental torture, she broke down, when after 6 months of her marriage, her father came for a visit to her in-laws house. Seeing her agony, her father took the decision to bring her back with him. He suggested her to forget this ugly chapter of her life as a nightmare, and continue with a new zeal of freshness.  When she was subsequently

From rags to riches- the true story of Renuka Aradhya few people have heard of

Fortune favours only the Brave. Who knew that the boy who moved about begging door to door for money and food, one day himself will turn into a Millionaire, owning a company worth 50crores? Life is never easy for anyone. And the journey from rags to riches is covered with the most thorny of ways.  From the darkest days of poverty to the sunshine of Renuka's glory,  his success has seen the toughest of hardships ever.  Renuka Aradhaya belonged to a small village Gopasandra in Bangalore and his  father was a priest in a government temple. The earnings of the family came from the grants by people, they would approach and ask for the same. The raw rice and pulses collected thus would then be sold off in the open market by them.  Extreme financial crunch prompted his father to push him into child labour working as a domestic help. Sometimes later his father put him into the service of an old man ailing with skin disease. He used to take care of the old man, bath and anoint him. In

The business samurai

Born in a very small farming village in Japan, Konosuke Matsushita belonged to a very poor family, living in a small house with both limited resources and finance. To meet his family's ends and to support them financially he took to working at a very early age.  With no educational background he used  to put forward extreme physical labor in a small shop. Getting up before sunrise, working through out the day most strenuously, he kept dedicatedly putting in the best of his efforts. His sincere hard work paid off when after a great number of years he got a job in an electric company. Working there, he gradually got interested in light bulbs and sockets. Every night instead of reclining back for some rest, he would spend his time devouring more on his insights and thus gaining more knowledge on bulbs and sockets .  With regular practiced learning and experimenting, he came up with an improvised version of a light bulb, all by himself. In sheer excitement, he went up to his boss

The iron lady of Pakistan

If you are giving up on life thinking it to be hard and unfair, then think again. Belonging to a very conservative family, where women are not habituated using the word "no", Muniba Mazari was married off when she was merely 18 years old.   It was never a happy and successful marriage for her and after about two years of her marriage she met with an awful tragic accident. Somehow her husband fell asleep and the car they were traveling in, fell into a ditch. A timely escape saved her husband's life, however as she stayed inside the car, she suffered severe injuries; injuries which changed her remaining life forever. Shoulder bone, collar bone and entire rib cage were fractured. Three vertebra of her backbone were completely crushed which left her paralyzed for the rest of her life. Her dreams and aspirations of becoming an artist had dissolved anyway with her marriage and this accident had discoloured all her beautifully coloured pictures of life. She was devastated