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Battle won with his wits...

Battle won with his wits...

Today we are going to discuss about few refections and revelations of the pivotal historical figure,  Acharya Chanakya; other names he is popularly known as are kautilya and Vishnugupt. He derived his name from his father "Chanak". Demigod of intellect, many dynasties have been established on the dexterous application of his quick wits. Acharya Chandragupt was also an esteemed professor in the famous  Nalanda University. 

Battle won with his wits...

Those days Chanakya dreamt of undivided unpartitioned India. On the face of the warrior "Sikandar's" conquest for our golden country, Chanakya had to intervene as a  shield. To realize his vision, he kept visiting rulers from various parts of India. The king of the biggest kingdom "Magadh" under the "Nanda" dynasty was the king "Dhananand". One day Chanakya went about to pay a visit to him and shared his insights about the county's future. But Dhananand was a corrupt tyrant king who drove Chanakya away with scorn and humiliation. 

Battle won with his wits...

Chanakya gulped down his insult with a vow. He contemplated to uproot his dynasty from the face of India and replace him with a true ruler. Such was his determination that Chanakya focussed all his concentration onto forming and cultivating a small boy named Chandu. In history books he was posthumously popularised as "Chandragupt Mourya". Chanakya gave Chandragupt the prime lessons of his life, wherein he was advised to befriend his enemies. 

Chandragupt strategically became a part of Sikandar's army and gradually with his efficiency and adroitness started extracting valuable battle blueprints. Chanakya had understood that coming from a far away land, the huge battalion was physically tired. A tired body yields to a tired brain. He craftily started manipulating the minds of the soldiers. He spread the rumor that "God and Goddesses" of the land were heavily annoyed with the full strength of the battalion. Amidst a planned and well plotted maze of mental game, the soldiers would get confused and fight among themselves. Chanakya's planted traps successfully drove Sikandar away from India. This incident gave Chanakya huge confidence and simmering in revenge, with a small army he broke a war on Dhananand. But his haste landed him in troubled waters when his army came back lost and defeated. 

He subsequently made seven strategies to realize his goals. 

1) A sudden barge in to any kingdom exposes the army to the risk of losing. Chanakya designed his art of war in gradual invasion from the territorial borders. 

Battle won with his wits...

2) In his second strategy, Chanakya made a troop of "Vish kanya"-the poisoned beauties. Small quantities of poison intake on a regular basis made these ladies the beholder of the same. In their rueful small attacks, these ladies would entice the kings from the small allied pocket territories with their beauty and implant their venomous bites on opportune moments in so killing them. 

3) Anger destroys one's analytical power. Chanakya calm headedly executed his framed strategies. He had deputed trained spies to empower himself with maximum information about his enemies. 

4) Chanakya was aware of the religious vulnerability of people. Taking that to his advantage he took the disguise of a monk in raisingup  his great powerful army. His religious persuasions and constant motivation to serve God gave him a determined never yielding swarm of devoted men. 

5) Chanakya enriched his army with proper dedicated training. He knew that their expertise would lay the  foundation of his victory. 

6) In his 6th strategy, Chanakya planted and tested his pilot troops in executing small attacks here and there. Their high voltage electrifying performance sealed his guaranteed victory. 

Battle won with his wits...

7) He weaved about the international alliances in masterminding his triumphant success. He manipulated and convinced the foreign collaborators in joining hands with him. 

Crafting these 7 strategies most delicately and successfully implementing the same against Dhanand, he uprooted the existence of the "Nanda" dynasty for an undivided India.

-Mimi Mukherjee 

Great research and hardwork are put into framing these articles. Readers are requested to leave their feedback in the comment section as a toke for appreciation.


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