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From rags to riches- the true story of Renuka Aradhya few people have heard of

Fortune favours only the Brave. Who knew that the boy who moved about begging door to door for money and food, one day himself will turn into a Millionaire, owning a company worth 50crores? Life is never easy for anyone. And the journey from rags to riches is covered with the most thorny of ways. 

From the darkest days of poverty to the sunshine of Renuka's glory,  his success has seen the toughest of hardships ever. 

Renuka Aradhaya belonged to a small village Gopasandra in Bangalore and his  father was a priest in a government temple. The earnings of the family came from the grants by people, they would approach and ask for the same. The raw rice and pulses collected thus would then be sold off in the open market by them. 

Extreme financial crunch prompted his father to push him into child labour working as a domestic help. Sometimes later his father put him into the service of an old man ailing with skin disease. He used to take care of the old man, bath and anoint him.

In the mean time, his father demised and the responsibility of the whole family fell on his shoulders. Due to the lack of time, he failed in class 10 and discontinued his studies. From sweeping to working as a day labor,  he laid his hands on a variety of work. 

Young blood and bad company dragged him to a doomed life. He started baiting with money and was engulfed with alcoholic intoxication. But somehow he renounced these self destructive habits and decided to get married at the age of 20. 

As time rolled by, their financial condition even detoriated further and his wife had to set out herself for some small time earnings to run their expenses. In this difficult phase of life, the jobs that he had to do ranged from being a security guard to a day labourer. He even had to pluck coconuts from trees on a meagre pay of 15 rupees per tree.

Till the thorns of failure do not prick in your feet, flowers of success can not bloom. Renuka had a vigorous drive to do something new in his life. This prompted him to start his own business in selling away the TV and fridge covers. Somehow he accumulated a capital of 30k for the same. His wife would sew them which he would go door-to-door in trying to sell. But as fortune takes hard tests on people, he being no exception lost all his money to his start up. 

Renuka's fate took a sudden twist when he decided to take up driving as his profession. Mortgaging his wedding ring he paid for his driving licence. Things were going good before Renuka got involved in an unfateful accident and thus was fired from his job. But for him no work was discriminated. He took the job of a dead body transporter in a hospital. 

He switched his job as a tourist guide to foreigners. He accumulated  the tips earned in dollars thus and adding to it all his scraped up savings, he bought a second hand Indica car in 2001. From its earnings within the next 1.5 years, he bought another car and by 2006, managed to acquire and own 5 more cars.

Starting his own business by the name "City Safari", he started prospering even more. He took a bold decision in the year 2006, by taking over another company called "Indian City Taxi" at 6,50,000 rupees and renamed it to "Pravasi Cabs Pvt. Ltd."

Everything is possible in life. A child who once used to beg and borrow his daily bread, now owns a company worth 50 crores and rides on a car worth 23 lakhs. Till you are fighting your despair and crisis not wielding to its vicious blows, you stand a chance of succeeding. Giving up means a lost fortune. 

- written and narrated by-
Mimi Mukherjee


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