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I once washed dirty plates in the roadside eateries......

Veeral Patel

It is not easy to build an entire empire from ashes. Veeral Patel is a name whose story instantly sparks an inspiration especially  among people who live life with lost hope. 

Being born in a small village and a poor family in Gujrat, Veeral had to grow up in extreme poverty. His father was a farmer, who, despite their hand to mouth existence, somehow kept funding for Veeral's education. But the financial condition of the family gradually started deteriorating thus making him discontinue his studies midway after class 10.

Veeral was 16 years old when he decided to help his father by shouldering the expenses of the family. On expressing his desire to go to Mumbai and seek a work there, his father took a loan of Rs.100 from a local money lender and handed it over to him. His ticket cost him Rs.65 after which he was left with only Rs.35.

On reaching Mumbai, he was awestruck by its vastness and diversity. Meticulously deciding not to spend his saved money, he searched for a roadside eatery where he would serve food, wash dirty plates and clean the table. Three square meals and lodging were provided to him against his labour. Often he would silently shed tears in remembrance of his glorious day with his family, but he kept counseling himself and put all dedication into his work.

He then joined a stationary shop where initially he went unpaid like before. Veeral's unquestionable sincerity in his work impressed the owner of the shop very much. After 6 months Veeral started receiving a regular pay of Rs.250 every month. Veeral took great pleasure in sending money home for help. 

Meanwhile one of his relatives opened a shop in Thane Mumbai and offered him to join hands as partners. He moved on to Thane and about 2.5 years later he opened up his own shop in the same locality. He poured his heart out in establishing the frame of the business. His relentless hardwork fetched him overwhelming response from the market. Veeral's wheel of fate had started rolling forward and since then he never had to turn back.

In the year 2005, on a friend's suggestion, Veeral stepped into retailing sweets and snacks with a capital of Rs.30 lakhs, his shop by the name of his son "Gaurav". 

Over the passage of time, his business surged manifolds and now his outlets are panning all across the city. With Veeral Patel's grit and enterprise he has built up his own golden kingdom.

-Mimi Mukherjee 

These articles are written after a great deal of research and studies. Reader's participative comments on the same are most appreciated.


  1. Hard work sincerely many a times give results....


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