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The man who could not open the 🔐...

The man who could not open the 🔐...

This is the story of a man who could literally open up "any" lock under the sky. His amazing talent flew across to people in no time. The news spread like a wild fire in the jungle. Soon an event was organized to acid test his reflexive flares. 

In this mass gathering jamboree, this man had to showcase his abilities by performing a strange task. It was agreed upon that he would be inserting himself into a casket which again would be submerged under the water of a big pool. An emergency hooter was provided to him in case he is panick stricken or wants to come out midway by accepting his defeat.

With a glow of confidence and determination in mind he stepped inside the box. Paparazzi and people both were all ready with their respective cameras to capture this strange and historical event. The gates were closed behind him and the box in steady pace was drowned inside the water. The man calmly took out a string wire from his pocket and started working on the lock. Each passing moment was important for him. Time was passing by and anxiety started building up in the man. He did not give up; kept trying more harder. The seconds were brushing past him and with that it was getting tougher for him to breath. 

The man who could not open the 🔐...

His giving up was a prestige issue which he could not compromise with at any cost. His struggles  eroded his will power and eventually he pressed on the siren for rescue. As he did so, the cage gradually started resurfacing back. His life got saved but his pride died badly. Out of shame he was unable to look up to meet his eyes with anyone. 

The man who could not open the 🔐...

This is the time when the host approached him smiling and twisted the latch of the gate. Effortlessly it creaked open without any hassle. The man realized that the door had never been locked in the first place and that is the reason his repeated efforts to unlock it went in vein.

The man who could not open the 🔐...

He realized that no matter how talented someone is, if he has no common sense he is as good as a  vegetable. 

Now the context of common sense reminds me of a story. Once two people- Saroj and Ravi, went up to contest for a wrestling match. They both were equally competent and great devotees of God "Vishnu". Both started to worship the Lord with their full heart and soul. God appeared finally. 

Saroj was the first one "God" went to. Happy with his devotion, God pledged him a boon. Saroj immediately asked for his victory over Ravi. God was taken aback with a dilemma of making a choice between his two equally eligible aficionado. So He committed to give Saroj twice of what Ravi asks for himself. 

The man who could not open the 🔐...

Next he went to address Ravi's prayers. Ravi asked for his victory from the Lord. Explaining the entire scenario, God told him that as per His promise to Saroj, Ravi was entitled to have half of what Saroj gets.

Initially a little jittered though, Ravi finally folded his hands in asking the Lord his wishes. Ravi said, "God please make me half dead in the competition." 

-Mimi Mukherjee 

So what all have you learnt from the aforesaid stories? Please share your views on the same in the comments section....


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