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Undermined intelligence

Undermined intelligence

We often come across people thinking themselves smarter than what they really are. But strange is the fact that there also are people who despite having great intelligence are not aware of the same. Are you also one among those? Let us find out. 

What is meant by being sarcastic?

1) If you are a person who has sense a of sarcasm, you have a shade of intellect in you. Even though sarcasm is considered to be a cheaper level of wit, studies show that sarcastic comments unveil a person's power of abstract thinking and creativity. 
2) A very strange study once revealed that our choices of pets between a cat and a dog actually has to tell a lot about our intellect. Cat lovers are more introspective and tend to perform better in specific circumstances, much like their chosen pet. Where dogs are more active, cats in a  reverse way are more prone to staying home and learn. Those who prefer cats over dogs love to stand out in performing things independently without following anyone's orders. 
What is a profanity word?

3) In an even stranger study, volunteers were asked to spell out profanities to the best of their knowledge nonstop in a span of 1 minute. Foul mouthed curse hurlers have an enriched vocabulary and an ability to speak their mind with more clarity. They have a higher level of intellect and IQ. 
Undermined intelligence

4) Taking small intermittent naps takes a person through the transitional phase of our conscious and subconscious mind, called hypnagogia. The mind goes through creativity conducive and intellect boosting activities like coherent thinking, hallucinating and lucid dreaming.
Undermined intelligence

5) Those who talk to themselves are considered to be smart and intelligent. Self talking hones the cognitive abilities of a person. Speaking aloud to ourself would help us remember things better. It sharpens our memory and also improves our concentration.
Undermined intelligence

6) If you find yourself being forgetful about the little things around you, then your brain is probably juggling between too many thoughts and processing them at the same time thus remaining preoccupied. 
Undermined intelligence
But howsoever scattered brain you are you can always retrace your stmmed thoughts back. 

Undermined intelligence

7) The brain of a left handed person functions in a very strange way. It flexes and flips between both hemispheres of the brain and thus processes information much faster. Problem solving, cognitive and analytical skills of a left handed person is much more than average.
Undermined intelligence

8) A person with burning curiosity will always have an appetite for learning more and digging out on unknown things on their way. Where it surely imparts more knowledge, it also adds a competitive edge to the person involved.

9) A certain amount of self criticism is a healthy practice for people who use it as a tool for self improveement. But if practiced beyond moderate limits it can call for despondence.

-Written and narrated by -
Mimi Mukherjee 


  1. That's the reason why I always liked short intermittent naps. Problem is, they no longer remained short for me!

    1. :) hahaha. It is popularly known as "laziness". Setting jokes apart, appreciate your comment. Thank you.


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