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The life of an Anchorite.... Who were they?

In old England, a strange custom was followed wherein people would be locked in a church for lifetime till their souls depart. It was a religious fervour and people undergoing it had to withstand life imprisonment. The inspiration of this custom was drawn from John the Baptist, who was a hermit and was profoundly known as "the messenger of God". His ascetic solitude appealed people as the way a person could get more closer to the Almighty. A group called "Anchorite" adopted the virtues of John. The belief was that devotion in complete isolation brings a person nearer to God. Those who wanted to become an Anchorite had their way to it through much difficulties. Taking consent of the church was the first step. The construction where the Anchorite would stay had to be in the vicinity of the church. Once locked, they would never come out in their life of such imprisonment. Moreover, a person would have to be financially stable in order for him/her to be able to bear

How many of us can dare to think like this?

After becoming the President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela had once been to a very prestigious five star hotel. He was accompanied by a huge crew and security personnel. They took big table where everybody started ordering their favourite foods. When everyone was waiting for the President to order his food Mandela's sight fell on a person standing nearby. He immediately called for his body guard and asked to invite that person to his table for having dinner together.  As dictated, the man was ushered and served the best way possible. This historic prestigious event of one digging the fortune of dining with the President of the country on one table however did not quite elate the spirit of the person. He quickly finished his meal and left with a polite thanks and hazitant smile.  Throughout his presence the man's hands were shaking vigorously. When he left, the guard said addressing Mandela, " Sir, I think your guest is not keeping well. His hands were trembling too mu

The real fairy tale?

We grow up hearing fairy tales. Somewhere deep down inside we believe our perfect match would turn out to be that handsome rich prince with whom we would live happily ever after. Sad as it might be, but in such pursuit, our focus shifts over from eternal love to more into the mercantile aspects of pomp and grandeur.  Sarah was born and brought up in a middle class family. Unlike other girls of her age, her views on life had been different. She had grown up seeing intense love, deeper affection and care between her parents and thus internalised strong values. Never had she dreamt of a richly prince who would sway her off her feet to a life of luxury. She was a modest girl and deeply grounded. Sarah had no dearth of wealthy suitors and any other girl in her shoes would have already hooked up to a Richie rich; but Sarah had other wishes. She wished to love her husband with her full heart.  One day she found a friend request on her social media account from an unknown boy. She would h

The language called LOVE...

In today's pragmatic world, people have grown more attached to facts and realities and equally distant from sentiments and emotions. Asking for financial help makes a person undignified. They are looked upon either as a skillful thief or an annoying begger.  Today's amazing story is from Nairobi, Africa. A little slumdweller used to roam about the streets, begging to survive and sustain all by himself. He had no relatives, no body he could bank on for food and shelter. He mostly would stick to the traffic signal approaching the big cars, asking for money from their wealthy boarders. In such a life the boy was used to various people's unkind and harsh words.  One day as usual as he came up to a car, inside he saw a strange sight. A woman was surrounded with strange tubes and pipes all around her. The other end of the tubes met an equally strange looking device. Out of concern, he enquired inquisitively as to why were so many tubes attached to her? The lady told him every

The selfless man

How would the life of an IIT professor be? A luxurious life style, white collar job, an expensive dazzling car, big bungalow and a peaceful life, that is what we can perceive about, right? But Alok Sagar is a living legend defying all these opulence. He is the live example of the proverb "simple living and high thinking". An ex IIT professor in Delhi has literally dedicated his entire life in serving the interests of the tribal people.  Rubber slippers in his feet, long beard, disheveled hair, a cycle and hanging knapsack built his core identity. Owner of a big heart, he lives for the entire community. For thirty long years he has inhabited with the backward class of "aadivasi"(name of a tribe). His relentless hardwork and dedicated efforts to uplift their standards of living is simply selfless.  Living their life being one among them and disguising his true identity his immense self-sacrifice can hardly be over exaggerated. He imparts valuable methodical and sci

Who was right?

It was the month of January. It was getting intensely difficult for Naina to drive through the thick walls of fog. After dropping her daughter to school while she was returning back, a car in its full speed brushed past her. Naina was perplexed but as she regained her senses, she was extremely agitated with the ruthless and irresponsible attitude of the driver. Grumbling in her mind, she gradually approached her car and proceeded at a gradual pace. About 200 meters away, she came upon a huge roadside gathering. She saw a restless mass raising hustle bustle around a damaged roadside car. Naina took a halt, deboarded her car and approached the spot. It looked like an accident and to her surprise it was the same car from whose deadly encounter she had escaped minutes ago.  In it she saw a young boy lying in a pool of blood. His pulse was still running but the spectators were devouring on the horrid sight doing nothing to save him. Naina raced near and urged for help to everyone. Strang

7 killers of your marriage

Today we would delve into the contributing factors leading to an impending divorce.  1) Divorce often goes hand in hand with criticisms and negative emotions for one another. Unhealthy buck passing and complaints lead to the germination of an unbalanced, uncaring tint of ruthlessness in couples. Nobody is perfect in world but marriage is all about accepting the lacunas of a person and shifting one's focus towards the positive aspects of the spouse. Immaturity and unnecessary bickering expressing discontent at every walk create a gnawing suffocating environment. 2) Contemptuous remarks demeaning your spouse all the while drags a relationship towards a breakage. In an attempt to stamp on one's own superiority, people end up brutally murdering the other's emotions.  3) Marriage is a serious affair. Your taking it too lightly will destroy it's vitality. Respect for your spouse in this regard plays a key role. A person failing to stand for his/her better half will invite

How's the josh

Today's post will rejuvenate your spirit and give a fresh jerk and direction to your positive source of energy; the big problems will belittle and tiny hopes in life will appear humongous. Before going any further, take a look at the shoes above. Let alone playing football, can anyone hope to walk in them properly? But there is this one great man who did so; who created history with his landmark footprints in the world of football. Sadio Mane was born in Senegal, a small village in Africa. Such backward impoverished was the village that it is practically impossible for it's inhabitants to arrange a square meal for themselves. When his belly would burn, he would literally gorge down soil to quench his hunger.  His parents could not afford school for him. So all he had in his life was football. He would eat, drink and sleep football. He worshipped this sport day and night and strongly aspired to be a renowned figure one day. But his constraints in life were bigger than his dre

Self confidence- a small story

Today I am going to relate to you all a very interesting story. This is the story of Gopal. Now Gopal would remain very cranky most of the time, thinking that he lacks efficiency in his work and thus cannot meet success despite working hard for the same. His grumpy self would pick up unnecessary conflicts with the people around him. Gradually with the passage of time, good relations turned sour due to his bad temper and huge unrest tide over him. Meanwhile a monk paid visit to the village where Gopal resided. In his growing helpless mental agony, Gopal decided to meet The Monk for a miraclus solution to his seemingly ever-increasing bundle of problems. His behaviour reflecting clear dissonance, Gopal grumbled about his present state of being across to The Monk.  The sanctified presence of the monk eroded the gastly overbearing of Gopal. He came out of his shell, and his vulnerability exposed itself out. In his polite demeanor the The Monk gave Gopal an amulet to wear. Along, he als

A fervent approach to right parenting

Are you trying to get your kids to stop throwing tantrums? Kids whining, begging and going wild for no apparent reason can be stopped with some underlined parenting  tips. Temper tantrums in kids are very common. More than half of kids vent their frustrations out at least once a week. Whether whining for a new toy or their groping for your attention, they know the trick to get what they seek. They hedge their bets in getting big treats simply by crying on top of their lungs. Children often fail to express themselves in the right frame of words. So it is indeed necessary to neutralize their frustrations with the maximum amount of care and love. To begin with, try to park in as much responsibility as possible in them. Here, taking little decisions in favor of their choices would encourage them to be intellectually competent. Having their own set of wishes, thoughts and cravings, toddlers fall short in announcing them across in proper sentences due to the dearth of right voca

10 things men look for in their partners.....

Compatibility and passion for a relationship comes through a grounded understanding of your partner's morality, personality and behavioral traits. Trying to judge someone before making a life long commitment indeed is not a crime. Reflection of one's true self comes from the pettiest of behaviours which we may often end up overlooking. Here is how men measure their compatibility quotient with the girls they go on date or hang out with.  1) Often bizarre statements are shot in the girls direction to judge the instinctive reaction it fetches in return. She would definitely be caught off guard if she fails to play along and picks up fights with him.  2) A girl scores high in her ability to adopt and take active interest on the things a guy shows interest on. It is not necessary for her to understand or be able to relate to it, but her attentive engrossment speaks a lot about how much priority she assigns to both the relationship and her partner.  3) Might sound stran