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The boy who ate his dog up....

Inspired by many thrilling novels and films, we often feel enthralled by strange jungle safaris and adventures. Benedict Allen was one such guy who undertook an adventurous stride with the essence of exploring new triggers of exhilaration in his mind. The escapade he had set out for turned out to be a real nightmare for him.  In this post, today I will relate to you all as to how a 22 year old boy, Allen, survived the 27 days drift away into the thickest jungles of Amazon. His trip would begin from Venezuela and end at Macapa in Brazil. A supposed duration of 6 odd months was the tentative estimated duration of the journey. In his journey, Allen kept moving about various tribal colonies. In one such colony, Allen came across a dog who was limping about with an infected feet. Allen tended to its wounds who soon became companions in his journey ahead. Allen called him by "Casio".  He hired two local guides who were well conversant with the jungle. He learnt many things fr

He cheated on death

Have you ever heard of anyone escaping the ghastly clutches of death sentence consecutively thrice? Yes friends! today we would discuss about a strange incident capsulising a thunder shocking event.  A person who is given death sentence is believed to be going through extreme agonizing mental torment as its time inches closer. But when law also fails to kill a person what would anyone have to say on that?  John Lee is a man who had a tough fist fight with his cessation. In early England, the government adopted various ways as capital punishment for the convicts. These punishments ranged from  chopping off the body parts to burning them alive. But gradually the legal hands became softer on the defendants and the penalties margined closer to humanity.  In the year 1874, a new way of punishment was designed wherein the convict will be hung by his neck till his death. The joint connecting the neck to the spinal chord will be snapped off giving space to a steady death. The prospect of s