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What came next to an airplane crash?

In many instances little technical glitches in the aircrafts cause huge accidents where many people lose their lives. Lucky are those who manage to escape its ghastly clutches. In the year 1972, some players had to reach Chili to play rugby. As the commercial flights extended out of their budget, so under compulsion, these players had to rent an old Air Force plane. It's name was FAIRCHILD FH227D-and was infamous for it's weak engine and heavy weight.  The journey to cross over the Andes mountain ranges began. But due to a heavy icy storm, the aircraft had to be landed intermittently at Argentina's Mendoza city. There was no sign of the storm's stoppage, so they worked out together for an alternate route. But their joyride soon turned into a terrible nightmare. Minimum visibility through the thick snow had the plane collide with the high peaks of the mountain. The wings of the plane was broken resulting it to take a sharp nose dive into the chilly snow. This massive cra