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Don't think about the monkey

Don't think about the monkey

Like the way we work on our physical muscles, is it possible to exercise our mental strength and agility in deep rooting and framing our will power? The answer is a big "yes". Now the next question is how do we toughen our will power? 

The only way to engrave our focus and strengthen our determination is through self resistance. While your body may crave for an ice cream in the hot summer, your mind should be able to subdue such desire. A constant practice of self resilience tunes our mind in curbing out whatever we fancy. 

Meditation is another way of self discipline. The more we flex our will power the more we get inner peace and calmness. Early mornings when you can dwell in yourself, deep breaths and steady breathing exercises stimulate us with a fresh flow of energy. Our mind is just like an untamed horse heading haywire across the arena acting most unpredictable. If not disciplined, it will never be rode upon. Many people who have tried to meditate would always complain of their mind drifting away out of focus. Thoughts keep coming in the mind perennially and not thinking anything becomes impossible. The mind is habitual in the process of thinking, thus not thinking is unnatural to the mind and so difficult to be practiced.

Once there was a famous sage who people thought had a " siddha mantra"- hymn chanting towards the ultimate enlightment. People used to visit him from far away places for his guidance and spiritual bites. In one instance, a person came with loads of queries to be answered by the saint. The patient divine soul counselled him the best way he could. At last the man urged the saint to share his mantra with him. Upon hearing that the sage had no such mantra, he became disappointed. To pacify his rebounding mental doubts, the saint said," The mantra which I chant is 'Om'. You also keep chanting it always; and along that don't think about 'monkeys'".

Don't think about the monkey

The man became very happy. On his way back home he kept chanting 'Om' all his way. But strangely the thoughts of monkey could not be drifted away from his mind. The more conscious efforts he started making to push away visualizing about the monkey, the more densely and harder he kept sinking into those thoughts. Atlast, he could not handle it anymore and frenzied, rushed to the saint. Almost pleading he folded his hands infront of the sage and said," Oh my great saint, its fine with me if you take the mantra away from me now, but please don't ask me not to think of monkeys."

The art of not thinking is in actuality deep thinking and the art of not concentrating is in literal senses concentrating or meditating. Believe it or not, even though it may sound strange, our mind is the trickiest element of our body and conscience.


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