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मार्किट से ऐसे वसूलो पैसे...... Banknifty live market trade analysis #sh...

शेयर मार्किट दे रहा है ज़बरदस्त मौके जी भर के कमा लो...... Banknifty.... ...

The piece of cake

Sam was now a supposedly responsible father-in-law. All the while since Andrew's birth till now, he has given his best trying to construct his future the most nurtured way possible. Suddenly after marriage, has Sam lost his right to think the best about his son? How strange does it sound. Natasha was heading towards the kitchen. This is the time her 7 years old son, Rishi comes back home after playing with the other kids in the compound. Her mother-in-law had made a beautiful chocolate cake, the aromatic smell of which was mouth watering. Now she saw it kept on the table. Just then the doorbell rang and she knew Rishi was home. He would feel famished this time. Tanu, Andrew's mother and Natasha's mother-in-law was busy knitting a crochet table cloth. A while later when she entered the dining space, she was awestruck. The cake which she had made as an offer to her Lords and deities, was now lying already cut. She had nothing to offer to her God now. All he